About Us​

Meet the Mary Kate's Wine Bar

Mary Kate (Katie) moved to Eagle River in 1977 with her parents Jim and Mary Ann and sister Eileen. Her parents purchased the Arrow Gift Shop right next door.  Katie started working there at the age of 6. 20 years ago, she and John purchased the store from her parents when they moved back to Eagle River with their 5 children. Katie has always enjoyed having a glass of wine with friends and family. She read an article on prohibition and how storefronts were used to hide a bar in the back. You could walk into a florist store, go through a door in the back and enter into a glorious bar. Originally, this is the concept we were going for but had to change paths along the way. We kept the front windows dark to create a type of “hidden” atmosphere. We wanted to create a cozy environment with a speakeasy feel for the people of Eagle River to enjoy. We are not wine experts but have learned a tremendous amount while on this journey. Our hope is that together, we can learn and appreciate all the beautiful wines we have chosen.

Life as we know, is precious and one must always see each day for the blessing it is. We hope you take a moment and enjoy a glass of wine with your friends and family (all over 21 please) in our new wine bar.

-John and Katie Hayes

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