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House Wine

One of the most popular traditions in northern Wisconsin is going boating and enjoying a few drinks while basking in the sun! If you are looking for something to sip on while you tan, relax, and unwind we have got you covered!! Our house wines are wine in a bottle and one can is equivalent to half a bottle. We have all different types from watermelon rosé to a ginger mule. These refreshing wines can be chilled then brought on the boat to enjoy all day!

Wine Pairings

Have you ever been curious about what food will accentuate your wine? We have some tips and tricks that will make it easy for you! Our first tip is that the wine should be sweeter and more acidic than the food is. It should also be the same flavor intensity so that one doesn’t overpower the other. Generally red wines pair best with bold flavored meats because they create congruent pairings. When it comes to white, sparkling or rosé these taste best with light intensity foods, such as chicken and fish, because they create contrasting pairings. Hopefully these tips and tricks help you navigate what wine to buy depending on what you are eating! Pairing the food and wine right will create a more delicious and powerful flavor, trust us. If you ever have any questions about it, come in and talk to us! Our owner, John, loves to research these kinds of things and will recommend you a decadent wine for any food.

Charcuterie Boards

The true definition of a charcuterie board stems from France and refers to an assortment of prepared meats. As these boards became more popular, the definition of them slowly began to change and now they are filled with an assortment of meats, cheese, crackers, nuts, fruits and more! Now these charcuterie boards are an aesthetic for any gathering with friends and family. Making them is super easy and tons of fun, all you need is a board and tons of snacks to fill it. No matter where you lay the food, it is bound to look perfect! If you don’t feel like making your own, come try one of ours, they are bound to amaze and we have all different kinds.

Iconic Cheese & Wine Pairings

Pairing food with wines adds a whole new dimension to wine tasting but finding the right foods can be hard. When it comes to simple and easy, cheese is the best to pair with wine. Since the right combination can be hard to find, we are here to recommend some fun cheese and wine pairings to try at home.
– Pinot Noir & Gruyere
– Port & Stilton
– Champagne & Brie
– Moscato D’Asti & Gorgonzola
– Tempranillo & Idiazabal
– Sauvignon Blanc & Goat Cheese
– Cabernet Sauvignon & Aged Cheddar
– Rosé & Havarti
– Riesling & Raclette
– Malbec & Gouda

What does it mean if a wine is corked?

To truly understand what it means if a wine is corked, you need to know how it happens, what it means, and how you can detect it. Based on the name, people think that a wine “being corked” means that there are pieces of cork floating around in the wine but in reality, it is not. A wine becomes corked when it is contaminated with a cork taint, caused by the chemical TCA. This chemical is formed when a natural fungi, that is found inside the corks, comes in contact with cleaning products that contain chlorides. TCA can contaminate a single bottle, entire case, or an entire winery. Since the discovery is so new, there is no way to undo a wine that is corked. The best solution wineries have had is to stop the use of cleaning products with chloride, or have switched to a screw-off cap. Drinking a corked wine is in no way harmful to humans, but it can be unpleasant to taste or smell. Oftentimes it smells like wet, damp, or rotten cardboard because it dulls the taste of fruit in the wine. If it ever happens to you, or you are unsure, ask your table or staff at the restaurant or bar to help determine if it is corked. For some people, it is extremely obvious that it is corked, whereas others cannot tell the difference. Just like how people taste different accents in wine, the same goes for telling if a wine is corked, everyone has a different palette and unique taste sensitivities. If you ever want to learn more fun wine facts and expand your wine lingo, come visit us here at Mary Kate’s Wine Bar!