Makayla’s Pacific Coast Trail Adventure


This is the first set of Pictures that Makayla has sent us.  They started hiking 13 miles the first days and ended up at 21 the last days prior to reaching their first stop on Saturday, July 23rd.  


We have been able to Facetime with them a few times when they are cresting a mountain which makes my heart feel good.  She is tired, sore, dirty, and hungry but loving the adventure.    


Makayla is our oldest daughter who has worked in the bar for 2 summers.  She graduated from U.W. Madison in December of 2021 with degrees in Chemistry, Statistics and Software Engineering.  She has taken on the challenge of hiking the PC Trail starting on July 18, 2022.  She expects it to take her 4 months.  Our eldest son, Cody, will be joining her for the first 40 days.  We are excited for their adventure and proud of them as well.  We will update this page as we receive updates ourselves.